Berlin, 03.12.2010

RatePAY offers innovative solutions for instalment payments and invoicing without any media discontinuity.

RatePAY products allow online merchants to provide their consumers with secure, custom-tailored payment methods that can easily be integrated: RatePAY Installments, the classic installment payment; RatePAY Invoicing, enabling the consumer to pay by invoice, and the most popular payment method in Germany; and RatePAY Relax, a combination of invoicing and installments. RatePAY co-ordinates all internal and external parties involved and manages the entire billing procedure. Additionally, efficient risk management is provided by continuous work on optimizing auditing and assessment methods. RatePAY includes highly experienced external service providers, offering highly professional debtor management.

RatePAY guarantees a high level of security for the consumer, as the transfer of sensitive online shopper data is kept to a minimum. RatePAY payment methods allow merchants to gain new consumer potential. The result: a significant increase in sales and profits through higher conversion rates. RatePAY payment methods increase a merchant’s liquidity due to payments occurring on a fixed date and in a lump sum.

RatePAY was founded in 2009 by a group of internet and payment experts, and is headquartered in Berlin. In addition to the founders, the EOS Group, as strategic investor, holds an interest of 51 percent.

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